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Phillystran manufactures high tenacity fiber ropes, strands, braids and strength members from fibers such as Kevlar®, Twaron®, Technora®, Vectran®, Spectra®, Dyneema® and Zylon®.
Phillystran products are used in a broad range of marine, industrial and military rope applications including mooring lines, life lines and winch lines, boat rigging, structural and support lines, power cables and broadcast tower guy cables.

When it comes to showing you the ropes, no one does it like Union.  Union products are backed by years of experience in the field, at your side – solving tough problems in unique applications. Mining, oil and gas, crane and general purpose wire ropes are tested, tough & true.

Oliveira ropes are used in a wide variety of industries and applications.  . 
They provide industry solutions for customers in the fishingcranesoil & gas and marine industries, Oliveira ropes can help your business succeed in local markets and around the world.  


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